Victory Through Organisation with Professor Dave Ulrich

Victory Through Organisation with Professor Dave Ulrich

In this exclusive video with the BTN, HR guru, Professor Dave Ulrich, speaks about his new book, 'Victory Through Organisation'.

Dave looks at why he believes 'HR is not about HR, it's about the business'. Dave poses the question as to what does HR have to know and do to help deliver business value? He focuses on what exactly is more important for the organisation between talent and the system and looks how this can be directly related to organisations.

Why is the war for talent failing your organisation and what can you do about it?

This video was part of the BTN's recent event with Dave Ulrich, which was hosted at the Saîd Business School, University of Oxford in partnership with the RBL Group & Cielo Talent.

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Dave, true to you track record, this book once again presents profound ideas on HR. Organizations in general and HR in particular would greatly benefit from this advice and as they evolve to cope with emerging requirement. Guess the book would provide required guidance to the organizations to make this shift. My compliments for yet another seminal piece of contribution to the HR Profession from the HR Guru, Dave Ulrich.