UX & UI: Not the same because it starts with 'U' by Martina Mitz

Martina Mitz - UX & UI: Not the same because it starts with 'U'

In this exclusive video for the TTN, Martina Mitz looks at UX & UI. She breaks down the definitions of the topics and the disciplines that are required as part of UX & UI design.

Martina is a UX Designer and certified psychologist, working since 2001 on redesigning some parts of the web. Since 2009 she was working on a lot of big projects from different disciplines like e-Commerce, Social, NPO/NGO, Transport, Insurance and Finance for customers like Volkswagen AG, T-Online, eBay, mobile.de, PayPal, Emirates Airlines, Cortal Consors (BNP Paribas), The Co-Operative Bank and others. Her main expertise is people and their behaviours. Creating concepts that reflect user needs, but are also in accordance to business requirements can be a big challenge and requires a lot of creativity - this makes her profession to a passion.

Proving her passion for the subject, Martina recorded a premium length video as she looks at the history of UX & UI, examples of user experience and user design & some examples of misunderstanding within job descriptions.

UI Definition

UX Design

UI Design

The Example - http://mono.company/journal/design-theory/user-experience-and-design/
Correction by Lutz Schmitt - www.twitter.com/luxux
The Example No 2 - http://alturl.com/j5ngh
Architecture - www.gurgaoninteriors.com
Ketchup - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BmeDOw7CcAE3MZP.jpg