Using AI to remove bias from the hiring process

How Pymetrics Uses AI to Remove Bias From the Hiring Process

A feature from Bloomberg Technology with Dr. Frida Polli (CEO and Co-Founder of Pymetrics) and Bloomberg's Emily Chang

Digital innovations and advancements in technology have led to many organisations creating software or processes to filter out bias. Most organisations in the modern business environment are at least considering, if not implementing, tools that will help automate and remove bias in their hiring processes, also increasing their hiring efficiency.

Cognitive and Emotional traits can be used to help change the way we hire by matching people to a role, based on their fundamental traits, instead of by solely reviewing their resume. This can make all the difference to increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and consequently, remove bias.

The biggest issue that AI is facing at the moment is the perception that it is not ethical and can be as biased as a person. pymetrics proves that ethical AI can help prevent bias within hiring, without replacing the people-to-people interaction. 

Ensuring AI is unbiased is integral to helping organisations can use and trust AI-based software, which, in turn, can help create more efficient hiring processes for them.


In this video interview from 8th July on "Bloomberg Technology", Frida Polli speaks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang to discuss the use of artificial intelligence to remove human biases from the corporate hiring process.  (Source: Bloomberg)