Understanding the organisational problem to be solved by Jesper Sylvest Sørensen

Understanding the organisational problem to be solved

With the ever-changing nature of modern business, technology, competitors, regulations and expectations have organisations trying to solve a continual flow of problems. This has made the ability to adapt quickly, integral to business success and survival, however, although many businesses can build a successful strategy to put in place, they still seem to struggle with getting people onboard with transformation, meaning that change attempts are often unsuccessful.

This 2-minute video explains the link between organisation design and strategy execution and demonstrates how organisation design solutions start with a diagnostic of the problem to be solved. Furthermore, the explainer video outlines the diagnostic process and how it can be used to mobilise leaders and generate a shared understanding of the need for change.



Jesper designs and executes organisational changes, delivers HR transformation, builds transformation teams and certifies new Organisation Designers. This is founded on a decade of experience across sectors and countries and a deep passion for building organisational capabilities that make a difference.