Transformative Change by Nimalan Nadesalingam

Transformative Change by Nimalan Nadesalingam

Business today is facing massive disruption, thus we are experiencing more revolutionary change than previously, and change management needs to adapt to this. Evolutionary change is about incremental changes, whereas a revolutionary change is a fundamental change to a market.

Nimalam discusses the difference between revolutionary and evolutionary change using examples that we can relate to. He also looks into how senior leaders and change managers need to understand revolutionary change and how to manage it to disrupt the industry.

Nimalan Nadesalingam, 
Author of the acclaimed ‘Transformative Change’ book, is an Associate Director and Senior Consultant for Change Management at the global headquarters for one of the world’s largest multi-nationals, and a board member for the Change and Transformation Collaborative.

He is a respected and acclaimed professional keynote speaker and writer having delivered key-note speeches and training for thousands of delegates from numerous types of industries in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. He has had articles published in multiple languages in a variety of business magazines and his book, ‘Transformative Change’, was released internationally by a major publisher in 2014 and charted in the Amazon Top 50 Business Books bestsellers list. The book was based around his 7Cs of Change methodology which has been licensed to over 20 organisations internationally and is also a key curriculum of numerous University Change Management courses, and Nimalan himself is a visiting lecturer and course architect for numerous Universities worldwide.

Nimalan is from Great Britain where he earned his BA Honours and subsequent MBA. He is now living in Germany and working across the globe as a consultant on major programmes whilst also training, coaching and mentoring various levels of management from numerous countries in Business Transformation and Change Management.