Technology that will be Defining HR & Employee Experience in 2018 and Beyond by Devyani Vaishampayan

The HR Tech Landscape - Innovations that will be defining 2018 and beyond by Devyani Vaishampayan

In this exclusive video as part of The BTN's partnership with People Analytics World, Devyani Vaishampayan (Founder & Director at The HR Tech Partnership & ex Group HR Director at BSI) looks at how technology has begun to influence HR in the workplace.

Devyani delves into her experience within her previous Group HR Director roles and the areas of HR that are most likely to be seen subject to technology disruption. Are recruitment and L&D the areas being disrupted the most?

What areas of HR also fall short of being influenced by technology at the moment?

Devyani is an experienced Group HR Director and the founder of The HR TECH Partnership, an Angel Investment Fund where the investors are all FTSE 100 senior HRD’s and the investment is in HR technology start-ups. She has been named in the 2017 FT/Empower Ethnic Minority Leaders List and in the 2016 FTSE 100 'Women to Watch' list.

Having led Human Resources in over 70 countries for large multinationals such as Rolls Royce, BG Group, AT&T, Citibank and Price Waterhouse and lived in Singapore, HongKong, India and the UK, she is an international and multi-sector HR specialist. Her experience of managing the HR TECH Partnership puts her at the forefront of HR technology innovation in the start-up space.

Devyani has also been a Non-Executive Director of The HR Fund, The Singapore Association of the Deaf and Board Agenda.