Technology Led Disruption by Chris Micklethwaite

Technology Led Disruption by Chris Micklethwaite

In this exclusive video for The BTN, Chris Micklethwaite (Founder at 3PointsDIGITAL) discusses technology led disruption.

Chris begins by discussing his experience within technology and looks at how far technology has progressed to be where we are today. He highlights the main drivers for disruption within the industry in the form of digital and internet-based technologies and how this has increased the ability to scale digital platforms at low cost.


With a career in digital leadership for major established businesses, Chris believes that to survive and grow in the digital world, to deal with the threat of disruption, and to capitalise on the opportunity, traditional businesses have to fundamentally change how they operate. It is possible to learn from the new breed of businesses - the digital natives - and begin to behave like them. Having been a CIO and leader of multiple digital transformations, Chris founded 3POINTSDIGITAL to help organisations focus on and balance the three points of digital: customer value, business benefit and technology opportunity. Having worked with many diverse organisations from startups to FTSE100 companies, Chris and the 3PD team have a unique cross-industry view of digital transformation, and what it takes to be successful.

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