Systemic Transformation - Part 2 by Nick Kemp

Systemic Transformation - Part 2

Most organisational changes fail due to people blocking the change implementation, but change is sustainable and achievable if it is supported by the people that are most affected. Part 2 of the series looks at how to get all parts of the system on board, by understanding those affected and creating a shared purpose for them to ensure long-term success.


Creating the conditions for change is both Nick Kemp’s passion and career choice.  He combines leadership development, programme management and change management to create a unique blend of change capabilities that deliver truly transformational and sustainable improvements to the way that organisations work and add value for their customers.  Nick founded OD Change Consulting to provide a forum for creating a whole system approaches to achieving business ambitions.  His clients extend across both public and private sectors. Recent assignments include the creation of innovative and agile working that delivers the potential of digital services and preparing local authorities for the transition to shared service models.  Nick lives in York and regularly publishes articles and contributes to forums across a range of people change and organisational development themes.