Strength in Diversity & Inclusion with Charlotte Forsyth (Part 1)

Strength in Diversity & Inclusion with Charlotte Forsyth (Part 1)

The BTN & PeopleSmart are delighted to introduce the first of 2 sessions with Charlotte Forsyth (Chief People Officer at WorldRemit).

Charlotte brings a wealth of knowledge from working within organisations like Kantar, News UK & Facebook to discuss the importance of having Strength in Diversity & Inclusion.


In Part 1, Charlotte looks at what a comfortable place to work looks like for employees and how People leaders can facilitate an environment where diversity, inclusion and belonging sit at the heart.

Charlotte discusses the use of technology to enabler a culture of employees feeling empowered to discuss their wellbeing and how WorldRemit use their engagement index to discover next steps for improvement.

There is a nod towards the challenges around ‘always on’ technology platforms and how the People team can be those who try to change mindsets to enable employees to disconnect when needed.

The discussion then moves on to the benefits of employee networks and how WorldRemit reaped the benefits at the beginning of the pandemic and how these have evolved as we move back into a more ‘normal’ way of working.


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