Strategic Talent Acquisition in the Digital Age - Part 1 with Neil Foames

Strategic Talent Acquisition in the Digital Age with Neil Foames - Part 1

In part 1 of this exclusive video series, Neil Foames (Senior Resourcing Manager), in partnership with Vonq, discusses strategic talent acquisition in a digital age, focusing on the role technology will play in future talent acquisition and the recruitment experience that candidates go through. Neil continues to look at how marketing and brand image can affect the talent acquisition strategy and the relationship between candidates and an organisation.


VONQ offers smart recruitment marketing solutions to help recruiters target the right talent. With the help of an advanced job marketing technology VONQ helps recruiters to promote their jobs via the best performing channels. With smart employer branding solutions, VONQ empowers recruiters to promote their employer brand to their desired online audience.



Neil Foames is a senior HR professional with a passion for establishing high performing, trusted resourcing teams that can proactively engage with clients internally and leverage Employer Brand to strengthen external profile/engagement. A change leader with a collaborative working style who is naturally service driven, enabling strong, relationship management. An agile working style with proven experience of transitioning industry to bring innovation and a fresh approach to recruitment practice, operating within international/global environments.