Scaling a culture of coaching in a remote workforce with Ozlem Sarioglu

Scaling a culture of coaching in a remote workforce (EiL 2020)

In this exclusive session from our Excellence in Leadership conference in 2020, Ozlem Sarioglu (Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SparkUs) introduces the concept 'Scaling a culture of coaching in a remote workforce'.

The 2 biggest struggles of the remote workforce are (1) Collaboration & Communication and (2) Loneliness. Coaching can be a remedy to these issues by improving communication by 42% and productivity by 39%. However, it is not always possible to scale coaching to the whole culture, due to limited resources. In this video, Ozlem Sarioglu, an award-winning coach and co-founder of the digital coaching platform SparkUs, shares their experience in scaling a coaching culture to the whole organisation.


Ozlem is speaking again at a BTN event in partnership with SparkUs on Thursday 25th February from 2pm, where she will be providing fascinating insight on digitising and scaling an effective coaching culture.

The virtual world of work has erupted exponentially in 2020 and digital coaching has become less of a want and more of a need, especially within remote teams.

This session will be a live and interactive opportunity to engage with Ozlem to understand how SparkUs have helped organisations to build, implement and scale a coaching culture within organisations to create future-ready leaders.

How can scaling coaching and mentoring efforts throughout your organisation be truly measured? Where does digitalisation fit into your learning journey? When started to look at upscaling and reskilling, how do we ensure every employee's journey is personalised?

Join Ozlem to ask the questions you want answers for your culture journey in 2021.




You can also watch all of the speakers from our Excellence in Leadership conference on-demand for free here.


This video was a piece of featured content from Friday 29th January 2021.