The Problem of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking by Andrew Fox

The Problem of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking of Women & Young Children by Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox (MD at Rhino Consulting & previously Group Head of Learning & Talent Development) discusses the impact of sexual abuse and trafficking of women and young children in India. Following Andrew's recent trip to Telangana, India, some key issues were brought to light which Andrew discusses before relating this to how UK businesses and professionals have started to express their own thoughts.

About The Kalinga Fellowship
Kalinga Fellowship is a global fellowship of business leaders, government officials and civil society leaders which facilitates a transformational leadership model to end globally sexual violence against women and children.  On behalf of the Bridge Institute, Andrew travelled to India post the last fellowship to look at the impact the work has had thus far as well as to coach teachers, children, government officials and police officials helping them to achieve their goals.