Power of Purpose with Jerry Pico (Part 2)

Power of Purpose with Jerry Pico (Part 2)

Within part 2 of this series in partnership with PeopleSmart, Jerry Pico (Co-Lead, Global Culture Initiative at Daiichi Sankyo Co) Identifies how important it is for a leader to hold the same values than an organisation represents.

A leader’s value and purpose does not have to be completely aligned with that of an organisation. However, companies need to be aligned to a certain degree and have to believe whatever their values and beliefs are in an organisation. According to Jerry, integrity is a key attribute to being a successful leader. As long as you hold yourself accountable for what you’re doing, and can contribute to the purpose and strategy, you can be a really authentic leader. However, if you don’t believe in the values, you cannot lead authentically.

Jerry then moves on to discuss how to bring your team on a journey to follow your lead rather than just doing ‘what you say'. It is key that leaders ‘walk the talk’ in order to be authentic. This includes having values and core behaviours that they want their employees to have. If leaders are not authentic, the employers will not believe in them, resulting in losing credibility and a lack of following. Individuals want credible leaders that are going to model the behaviours they are asking you to do.

To finish the discussion, Jerry discusses the negative aspects of a purpose-driven organisation. One is that individuals could get so caught up in the company’s purpose and values that they may lose sight of their own. Secondly, there have been some unethical and irresponsible leaders in different segments such as religion, government and business where people blindly follow their purpose. This can therefore have a negative impact on both the individual and organisation.


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