Power of Purpose with Jerry Pico (Part 1)

Power of Purpose with Jerry Pico (Part 1)

As we continue this fascinating series in partnership with PeopleSmart around Leading into the future, we welcome Jerry Pico (Co-Lead, Global Culture Initiative at Daiichi Sankyo Co) who will be discussing the ‘Power of Purpose’.

This conversation brings into life how organisations truly bring their purpose to life through their culture and how they can align their business plan with purpose. According to Jerry, purpose is fundamental to human life. Many individuals and organisations struggle to find their purpose.

At Daiichi Sankyo Co, their purpose is to contribute to the enrichment of the quality of life around the world. Their goal is to improve the quality of their patients‘ life or extend their lives. By doing this they are able to help people all around the world to live a longer and better lives. The company’s 3 core values drive their purpose:

  1. Integrity
  2. Accountability
  3. Innovation 

Jerry explains that as an organisation, they are working towards becoming a more closely knitted global organisation. To do this, they start with their purpose, mission and business strategy. They then talk to their employees and leaders to find out what is it their purpose is in the organisation.

For Daiichi Sankyo Co, they want to operate more effectively globally, as this is the way they can achieve their business strategy and purpose. This leads to the benefits of the pandemic, which has pushed organisations to become more open to leading and hiring teams globally.

Jerry then goes on to discuss, in an environment where an authentic leader thrives, what the characteristics are that they should be emitting. According to Jerry…

“The key to being authentic to any leadership quality is self-awareness. If leaders cannot take and give feedback in an open supportive way, they cannot be authentic”

Some may question what authenticity means or what it looks like. It consists of a leader who is self-aware, listens, and is compassionate in understanding that people are humans. This is being able to show who you truly are. Once leaders are able to express who they truly are as a person, then they would be able to connect and lead in a more authentic way. This can be done by asking questions, listening to what individuals are saying thoughtfully, responding to what people say thoughtfully and showing that you care and have compassion.


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