Paul Lomas - Eliminating barriers to expansion (In partnership with globalization partners) - Part 1

Eliminating Barriers to Expansion with Paul Lomas (Part 1)

We welcome another insightful leader to this fascinating series around ‘Eliminating Barriers to expansion’ in partnership with Globalization Partners, Paul Lomas (Chief People & Organisation Officer at Bibby Financial Services).

In part 1 of this series, Paul discusses what the future of global work looks like. According to Paul, we have had global work for a while, but in a different format. The future of work has always been there, yet it is important to consider what changes are going to come about as we continue to look into the future. Organizations will continue hiring, securing, and selecting talent from all around the globe. This will be highly driven by capability and availability of skillsets and appropriate job skills aligned to what an organization needs.

Paul explains how the biggest driver that will determine the future is technology. Research and studies show predictions that robots will take over through the necessity to match artificial intelligence and big data with human intuition. Fewer occupations will be entirely automated, however will be affected. It’s the combination of global connectivity. The pandemic has created a work environment that provides employees with the opportunity of hybrid working. This results in a spread of this resource-driven technology, changing roles, and automation of these roles. This will give a completely different coverage of work and look at what work will look like in the future and what needs to be repurposed. The future of global work is also based on the willingness of organizations to think about how things can be done better and more effectively where they take into consideration the view of the client as well as the internal colleague.

Paul then goes on to explain how companies can capitalize on the best talent available around the world to address skilled talent shortages in their local market. Within this hybrid world in which we work, organizations need to consider how they would maintain that sense of collaboration of a community of outstanding employees or colleague experience. It is also important to consider how you are going to capitalize on the best talent available as you look at global or regional expansion. Identifying the purpose is key in identifying what is going to make the difference. According to Paul, this focus has been Brough about largely by the pandemic where employees are taking the time to think about exactly what it is they want. Employees tend to deliver, engage and focus more than they are treated with respect and are invested in.

Everyone competes for that talent, so what is the differentiator for you as an organization that will attract the talent that you want to attract. Organizations need to be clear on what their purpose is and what makes them different whether that be if they are working in a collaborative community and culture. Paul summarises that it is simply not about money, benefit, and progression, it is more about the opportunity, experience, and a sense of belonging.


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