Neha Gupta - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion - Part 2 (in partnership with Globalization partners)

Neha Gupta - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion - Part 2 (in partnership with Globalization Partners)

In the second part of this series, with Neha Gupta (HR director at dunnhumby), in partnership with Globalization Partners, we continue the discussion on ‘Eliminating Barriers to Expansion’.

Neha looks at the role technology is poised to play in future efforts towards global expansion and explains how all organisations think differently. Automation plays a large role, especially within e-commerce and through the facilitation of advances in things like robotic process automation and physical robots, e-commerce is able to fill a demand and reap the benefits of automation.

The discussion then moves on to how companies expanding into EMEA can overcome communication barriers of remote working. According to Neha, there is a lot of conversation around the positives of global working and virtual working, but there are some sections of society who are facing a bigger burnout than others. For example, individuals who work alone at home where their social circle is their work circle may find it difficult to work in large organisations that do not work from home, which can affect their mental health.

Women are a further example of another sector of society, in particular women with children. Research shows that mothers tend to pick up the larger chunk of child care, whether that be online education, homeschooling or simply being cared for. This alone with expectations from work can be two very different sets of challenges. As DEI has become a large area of focus within firms, organisations need to ensure they continue to push forward in this direction.


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