Neha Gupta - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion - Part 1 (in partnership with Globalization partners)

Neha Gupta - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion - Part 1 (in partnership with Globalization Partners)

We welcome another insightful leader to this fascinating series around ‘Eliminating Barriers to Expansion’ in partnership with Globalization Partners, Neha Gupta (HR director at dunnhumby).

In this first video from the series, Neha discusses how technology has played a huge role in making global talent accessible around the world and how communication has changed.

Neha then goes on to explain what opinions exist for successful international expansion, in which she explains the importance for organisations to invest in the right platforms. The influx in analytics through the utilization of LinkedIn, Facebook and many other platforms allow you to tap into talent that wasn't historically available. The right candidate and talent can be found online without the barriers of countries, nations or any other barriers.

This conversation then moves onto Neha’s view on what the future of global work will look like. Neha talks about when organisations restructure themselves and then come back to their day to day operations, they need to focus on risk management and resilience. So thinking in regards to whether the organisation has moved forward and how they will survive if there is another pandemic, global crisis or climate change. Naha, then explains that another thing organisations will expect from people is just how well they can deliver on a certain number, what kind of influence and impact they have whilst not being physically present in an organisation. According to Naha…

“Leadership structures will become a lot less hierarchical and flat because their delivery of work will start to become more important.”

For people, the expectation from organisations will start operating more with regards to how social media communities operate right now. The shape and form of organisations will start to more like the online communities that exist on Facebook, Instagram or one of these platforms.


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