Mobilising Change by Richard Morecroft

How can you get the right balance between strategy and execution in a digital transformation by Richard Morecroft

In this exclusive video for the BTN, Richard Morecroft (Managing Partner at Digital Work Group) discusses how you can actually achieve the balance between strategic direction and execution, breaking the process down into 9 steps to follow.


Richard leads the Strategy and Leadership practice where we help clients achieve laser focused direction and establish momentum in digital and change. He is a dynamic, action orientated board level executive with over 25 years experience leading growth and change in financial services and fintech, e-commerce, telecoms, and media.

His breadth and depth of skills mean Richard has helped a range of businesses to achieve rapid, complex and effective business transformation. He excels in developing both the ‘big picture,’ providing a clear strategic vision but with an eye on the detail. Providing excellent leadership and stakeholder management skills, enabling change and transformation across the business.