Mirela Vasile - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion (in partnership with globalization partners) - Part 3

Mirela Vasile - Part 3

In the third part of this series, with Mirela Vasile (HR Director, People Enablement & Digitalisation at Synamedia), in partnership with Globalization Partners, we continue the discussion on ‘Eliminating Barriers to Expansion’.

Mirela discusses how companies expanding into EMEA overcome communication barriers of remote work. Remote working has challenged the traditional 9-5 job. However, being in an office environment is not essential to do your job. This is because flexible working is more common now than ever before as companies shift to operate working online.

Remote working has its benefits but can also bring some drawbacks for both employees and their companies. Interacting with others whilst working from home is different from turning towards the colleagues next to you. So the question is, what do businesses do to keep people connected while working remotely?

Technology plays a key role in demonstrating the different ways people can interact with each other through things like video conferencing tools that can recreate that in-person interaction of an in-office environment. Collaboration tools such as teams allow individuals to connect informally and easily on a one to one basis, as a team or in a group. Employees need to have a good relationship with others so they can work and perform well together.

According to Mirela...

“Bonding is essential for good teamwork, productivity and engagement, regardless of what your office environment is”

Email and chat software are also convenient as it helps individuals to connect easily. However, the way you say something via Email or chat could also create some misunderstanding of communication. Therefore, being cautious about how you say things and the language you use in writing is vital.

Mirela finishes off the discussion by explaining how we cannot assume a company culture will develop naturally when employees work remotely. It requires energy and sustained effort. Employees that work remotely daily could feel disconnected from what is happening in the organisation. Therefore, ensuring tailored communication with them can be an effective way of advancing such concerns.



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