Mirela Vasile - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion (in partnership with globalization partners) - Part 2

Mirela Vasile - Part 2

In the second part of this series, with Mirela Vasile (HR Director, People Enablement & Digitalisation at Synamedia), in partnership with Globalization Partners, we continue the discussion on ‘Eliminating Barriers to Expansion’.

Mirela discusses what role technology is poised to play in future efforts towards global expansion. Companies are now facing the ongoing challenge of managing a predominantly high percentage remote workforce. Those that benefited from having a highly remote workforce have been able to adapt more effectively than those without.

The uncertainty brought by the pandemic has forced almost every business to accelerate its digital transformation in some way. For example, the HR department still relies on running the majority of their activities offline and therefore struggling to adapt to the needs of the organisation. Now is the perfect opportunity to accelerate the adoption of the necessary tools to embark on the digital transformation journey.

According to Mirela…

“Digital transformation success lies in creating a culture where simplification, continuous improvement and automation sits at the core of everything that is done. You must always consider the end-user”

What is the benefit of using technology? Not just learning how to use it, but learning how to use them in a way to complement and enhance the people capabilities and experience. Doing this will allow organisations to become more resilient, productive and agile as it undergoes the validation of new systems and new ways of working which will be embedded as a new standard practice.

Mirela then goes on to explain how technology will not deliver any value to the organisation if it is not adopted and properly used. The lack of agility in leveraging digital solutions requires a lot of resilience and effort to identify issues and address potential challenges. HR plays a key role in embedding the necessary policies and behaviours focusing to build that organisation of the future. Mirela explains how this comes from investing in the necessary technology. The first step is to be able to build a digital resilience culture, new talent practices and an overall experience that can drive in the new normal world of work.

The global solutions offered by technology could be exactly what companies need to expand internationally. Organisations that succeed in their digital transformation journey are those that are willing to take risks and are not afraid to continuously learn, adapt and embrace change.


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