Mirela Vasile - Eliminating Barriers to Expansion (in partnership with globalisation partners) - Part 1

Mirela Vasile - Part 1

We welcome another insightful leader to this fascinating series around ‘Eliminating Barriers to Expansion’ in partnership with Globalization Partners, Mirela Vasile (HR Director, People Enablement & Digitalisation at Synamedia).

In part one of this series, Mirela discusses how companies capitalise on the best talent available around the world to address skilled talent shortages in their local market. With the pandemic creating a volatile environment and an unprecedented challenge to businesses around the world, many businesses have had to adapt and change. As the world changed, so did the job market and recruitment process around it.

Recruiters had to really embrace the unknown and find ways to adapt as fast as they could and explore other ways to approach recruitment. The need for adaptability has been one of the biggest trends in the last few years and has created many opportunities in the job market.

According to Mirela, candidates have become more flexible on their requirements and are becoming more open to exploring convergent areas to their established domain. Companies are now realising the value of bringing in industry outsiders. This is because they can bring new and fresh perspectives as they can approach business problems from different angles that can be a catalyst in itself to ignite and accelerate innovation in the organisation.

Mirela then goes on to explain how recruitment plays a key strategy call in the organisation as it can bring the right talent, skills and capabilities to build the organisation in the future.



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