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One of the challenges involved in building a high performing team is selecting the right people.
Strategy creates competitive advantage, People and a culture of innovation sustains it and
How is Brexit currently mirroring most corporate change?
Interested in using blockchain, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin for your business
Software is eating the world. Startups become unicorns overnight. Tech giants move into any industry. Autonomous cars make diesel irrelevant.
Nowadays the term Lean Management (LM) is widely used and mostly understood.
Spectacular recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are feeding many fantasies in the world of cybersecurity.
In recent times, more and more attention is given to the importance of mental health in the workplace.
To be honest, I haven’t totally figured out all of the details of the inner workings of the blockchain technology.
We conducted a Q&A interview with Suzie Lewis, Managing Director at Transform for Value, around
Are great leaders born or made? Some would argue that only those born with certain personality traits grow up to be leaders.
Change has fast become the one constant in businesses today, but can there be a point when too much change is no longer good for business?
How do you attract the best people, retain them and ensure you have a diverse and inclusive workforce?
We conducted a Q&A interview with Trevor Sumner, CEO at Perch Interactive, regarding how digita
A lot is being read, written or heard about GDPR – it’s relevance, implications to institutions that collect personal data, and ramifications of no
Agile is a word always on the lips of digital business leaders.  It’s the way to be if you are working in digital and has set the popular standard
During a recent conversation with a family member about the data-age, she shared with me that she never thought there would be so much data at her
The BTN's partnership with Temple Brown Consulting brings you a CIO Panel discussion hosted by Martin Veitch, with Ojas Rege and David Ivell in a c
But just how good are we at adapting to change, modifying our habits, or expanding our minds, especially as we get older?  The answer is that we’re
Anyone with a little bit of experience in business has heard of the Pareto (or 80/20) “rule.” And this principle drives how organizations are targe
The traditional role of the CISO is changing.
In this exclusive video, Tim Carmichael discusses how leadership fits into data analytics and how there are two speeds to leading data transformati
We conducted a Q&A interview with Paul Heywood, Founder and Managing Director of Halcyon Life, rega
Mark De Stadler from Dale Carnegie discusses the main drivers of employee engagement.
Paul Matthews discusses the biggest waste in the training industry as the way we spend the training budget, instead of investing it in people.
The BTN's partnership with Temple Brown Consulting brings you a CIO Panel discussion hosted by Martin Veitch, with Ojas Rege and David Ivell in a c
You’re about to embark on a change programme, you’ve spent weeks or months planning the changes behind the scenes and you’ve announced the changes
In this exclusive video for the BTN, Dan Hauck, VP of Product & User Experience at NetDocuments, discusses the impact of technology o
Workplace Wellness programs are all the rage these days – and rightly so.
In this exclusive video for The BTN, Nick Kemp discusses how change and transformation can be difficult for organisations to implement successfully
Design thinking has become a familiar concept in the business world with more and more companies adopting this approach to improve innovation and d
Much has been written about current middle management roles becoming increasingly irrelevant,ANZ's Digital Chief Maile Carnegie a
Data and culture have a significant part to play in the successful transformation of businesses.
We are far better at planning for the short-term than we are for the long-term.
The BTN's partnership with Temple Brown Consulting brings you a CIO Panel discussion hosted by Martin Veitch, with Ojas Rege and David Ivell in a c
The Retail Banking industry is under immense pressure.
Bill Burton from Dale Carnegie discusses how to overcome resistance to change within the organisation.
Over the last few months' we’ve seen the likes of retailers such as NEXT and Tesco scale back their growing empires.  Where they had started to sel