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By Mike Bollinger, Global Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Cornerstone
Change doesn’t just happen. Sure, many more organisations are now alive to the power of supporting employee wellbeing.
Created in collaboration with TALiNT Partners, our “Data-driven diversity” whitepaper is the result of an insightful roundtable attended by a selec
Stop buying more tech for the sake of it and start focusing on the decluttering of your cyber security landscape.
As we continue this fascinating series around Business Mindset 2030, in partnership with Peoplesmart, we bring you
Vincent Belliveau, Chief International Officer at Cornerstone
Within part 2 of this discussion around ‘QA and Digital Transformation’ in partnership with a1qa
The key around cyber security remains Execution, Execution and Execution
Within part 1 of this discussion around ‘QA and digital transformation’ in partnership with a1qa
The new world of work marks the start of a new chapter for diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives.
Written by Marten Cureton and Tom Sadler
In part 2 of this series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality’ in partnership with a1qa,
We welcome another insightful leader Randyl Tabajonda (Senior Manager - Second Line of D
By Julie Kuepers (Senior Digital Content Strategist at Click Boarding)
The science of sales is not as black and white as we used to work by.
Leandro Guerra, Head of Data Science and Analytics Platforms – EMEA at Experian, discusses how the technology will lead to more accurate assessment
In part 2 of this series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality’ in partnership with a1qa,
We welcome another insightful leader Preeti Puppala (Software Quality Engineerin
As economies gradually open up and we move further into the New Future of Work, various trends are becoming apparent, in the workplace and beyond.
News broke this week of one of the world’s most recognisable brands changing a long-held hiring rule. 
As kids (okay, and as adults too), we’d gaze at the shapes of clouds in the sky and talk about what they looked like to us. Today, in a technology
In part 2 of this series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality' in Partnership with a1qa,
Toxic management can be defined as a management style that destroys an individual’s dignity, self-confidence, or effectiveness through remonstrance
We welcome another insightful leader Deepak Chinnam (Head of Cross-Platform Services at
Ensuring Successful Microsegmentation Projects: Why You Need a New Approach
Disruption may be an overused term, but it certainly is appropriate for financial services. And it’s leaving banks in a quandary.
Today, we’ve discussed with Mike Urbanovich, Head of testing department at a1qa, how to set up a solid test automation strategy.
What can a Harvard professor, a TED speaker, and the “Marie Kondo of brains” teach us about togetherness?
The PCI certification process is quite comprehensive and relates to infrastructure, software and employee access to systems, in particular to datas
Within this episode, Anthony Horne, Sales Director at
Cyber security was never a purely technical problem; it is now a leadership imperative in many firms
When I got my very first tattoo I was beyond excited about it.