Leading into the Future: The Hybrid Leader with Jonathan Bond (Part 1)

The Hybrid Leader with Jonathan Bond (Part 1)

As we continue this fascinating series around Leading into the Future, in partnership with PeopleSmart, we bring you Jonathan Bond (HR Director & Learning at Pinsent Masons).

Within this session, Jonathan discusses what skills he believes differ from an ‘in-person’ leader, as opposed to a virtual leader. According to Jonathan, an in-person leader has additional tools to their disposal such as being able to use intuition, empathy, and reading body language more easily. Which as he explains, is much easier for an in-person leader as opposed to a virtual leader.

However, Jonathan explains that there is more pressure for an in-person leader as their team is constantly watching and seeking out clues. Therefore, despite an in-person leader having additional opportunities, there is also that pressure in terms of the way they act and the things they do.

Jonathan then goes on to explain how important empathy is within a leader’s skill set and how this skill set can be in a virtual environment. According to Jonathan, there are three types of empathy that leaders should aim to bring:

  1. Cognitive Empathy
  2. Emotional Empathy
  3. Compassionate Empathy

“People don’t remember what you said, but they remember how you make them feel, which is key to how they perform in their jobs and whether they stay or leave in an organisation. However, it is a hard skill and takes more time, especially in a virtual world."

The conversation then moves on to how Jonathan believes you can be fully authentic in a virtual world. Jonathan identifies 3 main ways:

  1. Ensuring you do what you say and deliver your promises to not let people down.
  2. Giving them time to listen and show empathy.
  3. Work harder about sharing more about yourself.


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