Jeremie Brecheisen - Merit Regional Summit Part 2

Jeremie Brecheisen - Merit Regional Summit Part 2

In part 2 of this exclusive video series in partnership with the fast-approaching Merit regional summit, speaker Jeremie Brecheisen (Senior Managing Consultant at Gallup) looks at what has been found to be the 8 big drivers of agility, including speed of decision making and the empowerment of people at the right levels.

Jeremie discusses the drivers of cultural agility and the potential difficulties of agile transformation.

MERIT Summit Regional

MERIT brings together corporate leaders, executive education directors, and people development experts from various industries. This is the place to be for those who would like to share current challenges, hands-on experience, and innovative practices in a boutique setting.  

In Manchester, there will be speakers from diverse areas of HR such as leadership, diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement to discuss, brainstorm, challenge, and advocate the benefits of an intrapreneurial culture. You will join a stimulating journey to explore different concepts – from the creation of the right mindset to building an intrapreneurial culture – thanks to the experience and inspiration brought by our presenters.

Benefit from this one-day event where you will gain actionable insights into the latest trends in human resource management and people development.

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Jeremie Brecheisen

Jeremie is responsible for accelerating culture change by helping executive leaders eradicate disengaging management practices, discover the talents within each employee that can be developed, and establish emotional attachment as the first filter for becoming more customer-centric. He manages some of Gallup’s largest cultural transformation programmes, spanning millions of employees and customers globally.

Jeremie has consulted some of the most renowned leaders in the corporate world, developed thousands of managers and architected high-impact culture change projects. He brings wide expertise in applying behavioural economics to develop robust organisational identities that reflect a company’s purpose, culture and brand.

Jeremie received his bachelor’s degree in Modern Asian History from Brigham Young University. He received a master’s of business administration degree in the China International Program from the University of Hawaii; he spent the second year of the programme studying and working in Guangzhou, China. Jeremie speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese.