Innovation Labs that work - TTN Event Review

TTN Event Review: The Future of Innovation Labs

Great ideas, people and discussions with one of the most diverse audiences we have yet seen at our TTN events. Strategists to Designers, CEO’s to developers, all shared the same goal: to create new value.
When over 40 people met at the Design Offices in Munich, they gathered not just to be inspired by the talk of Daniel Egger about the Future of Innovation Labs, but also to discuss their experiences in breakout sessions.
Innovation is about an ecosystem, collaboration and diversity and the experience of the session was built upon those pillars, creating an enlightening evening.
Emphasising the urgency to rethink organisational innovation structures, Daniel Egger, (, first spoke about the many pain points that can be experienced when running an Innovation Lab.

Attendees proceeded to share their challenges and expectations in a collaborative working session regarding what organisations need and how they should set up an agile and disruptive innovation structure.
Egger continued after an inspiring networking break, passing on research and experiences about how to frame the key challenges of Innovation Labs and his book “Future Value Generation”. He argues that the innovation structures in organisations need to balance the present challenges with future opportunities and that neither incremental nor disruptive innovation on its own are economically sustainable. It is this polarity that enriches the Innovation Lab and reduces organisational friction. The present creates value so that the future can exist... and the future offers a strategic north and new possible opportunities. Egger argues, to deliver new value, we need to incorporate innovation and design, foresight and strategy in one Innovation Lab.

  Tragically, the night had to eventually come to an end, although              many were still gathered around the free beers, flowing ideas;                still learning, still heatedly discussing, and it’s fair to say that               everyone is looking forward to the next TTN event in Munich.
   Thank you to all our attendees and thanks to Daniel Egger who               hosted the event.