Indoor Positioning and Unified Networks by Warwick Taws

Indoor Positioning and Unified Networks - Warwick Taws

In the latest video for the BTN, Warwick Taws (CTO at Wittra) speaks about indoor positioning and unified networks. 
Warwick has extensive expert knowledge about unified networks through his Wittra product which has state of the art 'Internet of Moving Things' technology.

Warwick starts by looking at some of the challenges he sees at creating unified networks, how both indoor & outdoor positioning will revolutionise the Internet of Things and what Warwick views as what the future holds for Wittra.

Warwick Taws (CTO at Wittra) is a passionate engineer, technologist and marketer in the B2B space. He is very customer focused and dedicates time to properly identify where value sits in the supply chain, right through to the end user... ”Is this idea sustainable in the market now and in the future?” He combines deep technical knowledge and expertise in radio communications, electronics and IT systems with a thorough understanding of technology sales & marketing, resulting in a practical approach to delivering effective outcomes for his customers.


Wittra® is a new technology for positioning objects, humans and animals in the Internet of Moving Things. 
It is the first system to provide accurate, long-range positioning both indoors and outdoors, plus a long battery lifetime.
The technology is covered by numerous granted patents and patent applications. Wittra can be licensed, embedded into existing devices (such as smartphones, computers, routers, power tools, machines, and vehicles) or it can be sold as a stand-alone product.