The Importance of Innovation by Jonathan Miller

The Importance of Innovation by Jonathan Miller

Innovation..why is it of such importance how can businesses foster it?

Jonathan Miller (Strategy, Change, People & Innovation Leader) looks at where to direct your focus to promote successful innovation. Jonathan looks at where to focus your people efforts as you look to instil a culture of innovation and successful phases of innovation.

Are there characteristics of a team to become true innovators? Is tenacity simply the best option?
Jonathan examines how nurturing and encouraging innovation cannot fully protect a team from failure and ultimately, people need to be in the mindset of willingness to take risks, regardless of whether the consequences will be good or bad.

Jonathan (Director at Strategic Change Partners) is passionate about innovation, learning and change. An engineer by original training, Jonathan has always enjoyed working out how things work and thinking about new ways of doing things.
Jonathan's career from this point on has been focused on people orientated change roles. He has worked directly with teams to support innovation as well as designing and delivering innovation training.

In summary, Jonathan has worked across a wide range of sectors, public and private, and has demonstrated his adaptability in working in organisations both large and small. In addition to his work with Corporates, he has more recently worked with a range of SMEs and charities to support them in achieving their goals.

Since 2014, he and his wife have been running Strategic Change Partners Ltd. (SCP), a bespoke consultancy that brings people and organisations together to innovate and change. The unique perspective from SCP comes from the understanding that the world has changed so quickly and significantly, that in many cases people’s habitual thinking and behaviour have become outdated and ineffective. This can apply at the top and bottom of organisations. Recognition of this, along with the appropriate support, can lead to beneficial innovation and transformation. SCP uses a mixture of people and technological approaches to support people and organisations to thrive within today’s complex environment.

If you need help to innovate, learn or change (either as an individual, team or whole organisation) please get in touch.