Impact Mapping by Russ Miles

Russ Miles, Principal Consultant at Simplicity Itself

Speaker Russell Miles - Principal Consultant - Simplicity Itself

Russell Miles is presenting a tutorial on Thursday 21st February 2013 at 6pm in London on Impact Mapping.

This free of charge tutorial is available to TTN members as a prelim to his QCon presentation on the same subject.

An introduction to Impact Mapping:
Software Development and Delivery is about Change. The introduction of new software, and the effort involved in building it, whether it be on the Enterprise or in the wider world, should involve making a change that is both wanted and, more importantly, valuable.

More often than not though the How, Who for and Why of software development and delivery is at worst ignored, at best hidden behind analysts and the rest of the business with the IT delivery teams never understanding the value of what they are building.

This is where Impact Mapping has it's biggest... impact.

Impact Mapping is all about understanding what valuable change a set of software features will bring; about understanding what needs to be built, how it should be built, who it serves and, most importantly, why it's valuable. It's about uncovering the hidden assumptions that these valuable changes are underpinned by. 

It's about developing the 'right' software, which is at the very heart of value-focused delivery, and in this talk Russ Miles of Simplicity Itself will explain the Why, Who, How and What of Impact Mapping so that you can begin to harness the advantage of this powerful technique.