Ian McLaren Wallace - Association for Business Psychology Winner for 'Excellent Innovation in Business Psychology'

Ian McLaren Wallace - Association for Business Psychology Winner for 'Excellent Innovation in Business Psychology'

In the first of The BTN's series of videos with the Association for Business Psychology winners, Ian McLaren Wallace discusses his submission around 'Archegyral Mapping: Transforming a Cultural Landscape'.

The video delves into Ian's submission and the presenting issue his client was facing. Ian then analyses what his approach to the issue was, what measurements were put it place to examine its impact before finally providing tips to anyone looking to use this process in the future. 


Ian McLaren Wallace is an award-winning business psychologist who specialises in working with the power and potential of human nature, both with individuals and groups.  Rather than taking the conventional approach of viewing you or your organisation as something to be perfected, constantly judged against some idealised specification, Ian enables you to actually understand yourself as a fundamentally human dynamic process to be lived and explored. 

Ian does this by inviting you to stand in the centre of your self-perceptions, individually and collectively, so that you can powerfully and pragmatically make real connections between the ideas, imaginings and inspirations of your inner world and connect these to actual tangible results and successfully achieved ambitions in your outer world.  The processes that Ian uses with individuals and organisations are based on the Archegyre, a naturalised sense-making framework.

These Archegyral processes go beyond traditional coaching and mentoring, beyond conventional leadership and organisational development, by fully connecting you with your true potential.The clients who Ian works with range from individual high-potential leaders and executives, who feel that conventional personal development methods are not connecting them with their full potential, through to large organisations who are committed to ensuring that their team performances are the best that they can possibly be. 


The Association for Business Psychology

The ABP offer a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in Business Psychology, the Awards focus on demonstrating how applying an understanding of the science of human behaviour can impact Workforce Experience and deliver commercial and practical value to organisations.

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