Human Resources Changes the World: Part 1 with Glenn Jones

Human Resources Changes the World: Part 1 - Glenn Jones

In part 1 of this exclusive video series, Glenn Jones (currently, People Transformation Programme Director at Tesco) discusses how human resources can change the world (the topic of his new book) focusing on how the evolving world of work and the rapid rates of change and technological development have affected HR, although the people function hasn't really changed to keep up yet. The main change we can acknowledge is in the nature of roles in business today, which didn't exist historically. Attracting talent is integral to how organisations and their talent functions will develop in the future.

The recent evolution of HR is suddenly much quicker, with the function shifting to a more actual people-focused function, looking at where it influences at senior level and how it influences company strategies, and how these may contradict each other. For HR to evolve further, they need to focus on the importance of a growth mindset, looking at how HR can add value through finding the right talent, evolving the way we work and engaging employees so that they stay within an organisation and feel as though they are understood. 



Glenn Jones is a Freelance HR Consultant, Global HR Director, People thought leader and author of "Human Resources Changes the World". Glenn is a freelance HR consultant and has worked with Bank of America, HSBC, Ecolab and Imperial Brands in multi-discipline strategic and operational roles across the world. Prior to this he was employed by Eversheds LLP, Accenture, Koorb (NZ) and E.ON as well as numerous other companies. He is working his way to his PhD, becoming a future CEO and evolving his HR consultancy business to ensure that he continually adds value to his clients, now and in the future. Glenn is passionate about coaching, Emotional Intelligence and company evolution. His desire is that this book changes the traditional approach to who becomes a CEO.