How to Remain Relevant in an Ever-Changing Technological Landscape

How to Remain Relevant in an Ever-Changing Technological Landscape

On the 14th March, the BTN held its first event at Norssken House, Stockholm. The event focused around the ever-evolving digital & technological landscape and how businesses should look to remain relevant and adapt their strategies.

5 presentations took place during the event from:

Tommy Jarnemark (CEO at BrainHeart Energy Sweden): Creating an agile, disciplined and customer-centric company

Chu Zhu (CEO and CTO at This is Deploy): The next digital evolution - Conversational interfaces (Chatbot)

Per Klaar (Chief Data Officer at Offerta Group AB): Augmenting an organization with AI to scale faster

Göran Almgren (CEO at Enigio Time AB): Using blockchain technology for true digitalization

Tom Viggers (Global Account Director at Pymetrics): Unlocking Talent Potential: Time to Change the Game


The key takeaways from the conversations successfully captured the general consensus within the room:

Customer centricity through developing agile leadership and agile operative models is the future of successful organisations

AI and Chatbots can be used to predict risk by developing an understanding of customers through natural language processing.

Facing the challenges of digitalisation and fake news, by embracing emerging technology (like blockchain) can change the future