How to Modify Systems when Digitalising by Rhys Photis

How to Modify Systems when Digitalising by Rhys Photis

In part 4 of pathfinder series with Rhys & Kersten, this video looks at digitalisation and systems. Rhys clarifies what the difference is between internal and external organisations and why it is essential to get “your house in order first”.
This video is part of a series that provides a practical logic and explores how all aspects of a business are impacted and interdependent. We use the 7S model as a framework, a concept which considers all essential parts of a business.
Digitalisation is so much more than new Systems, but it mostly starts with their implementation.



Rhys is best known as a passionate advocate of people-driven business growth that is future proof. He is an entrepreneur and acclaimed leadership facilitator, having co-founded GPi and developed the Pathfinder method to enable business leaders to unlock their business potential in this way.

Coming from a dynamic entrepreneurial background he understood early on the ups and downs of successful small and medium sized businesses. He was an intrapreneur within large organisations, setting up businesses in emerging markets and has seen first-hand the dynamics of team growth as a result. He has been the founder and entrepreneur of his own businesses since 2004.

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