Hiring Excellence in Technology Talent - Munich

Highlights - Hiring Excellence in Technology Talent

See what happened at our event in Munich on 'Hiring Excellence in Technology Talent'.

The Business Transformation Network recently hosted an event on ‘Hiring Excellence in Technology Talent’ in Design Offices in central Munich, which consisted of a panel discussion with Mustafa Isik (CEO and Co-Founder at Kerngedanke), Erkan Kasap (Head of Engineering at Ottonova and Founder at thecoachpunk), Andreas Gerst (Chief Technology Officer at EQS Group), Jasenko Dizdarevic (Head of Platform Engineering & Operations at ProsiebenSat.1 Technology Solutions GmbH), Isabella Jakobs (Director People Attraction at Flixbus) and Jörg Bolender (Global, Recruitment Quality & Training at ATOS).

The key points of this event were to delve deeper into some of the challenges that organisations need to understand to encourage hiring excellence in tech talent.

  • Recruiters need to understand exactly what they're looking for within a role and how they search for the right people to fit the organisation's needs as well as wants.
  • Transparency is key as it creates a concept of trust between the organisation, employees and recruiters. If this is broken to start with retention will be difficult as employees may have been hired based on false pretences.
  • Continuous learning and understanding on the side of the recruiter are integral. By understanding the niche requirements of a team, organisation or role, the recruiter can create excellence in the way they hire.

How can you bring your people and culture along with your technology?
How can you leverage the talent you already have internally to take advantage of digitally savvy employees and how do you integrate the tech talent into the core of your organisation as you strive to become digitally native? 

The full event conversation is available as a podcast here.

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