Hiring for Diversity, Hiring for Inclusivity or Just Hiring? by Judy Greevy

Judy Greevy - Director at Greevy Associates

On October 11/12th, The BTN is hosting a conference on Excellence in Leadership: Becoming a High-Performance Organisation.

Judy will be talking on Friday 12th at 11:15am-12:00pm on the topic of 'Hiring for Diversity, Hiring for Inclusivity or Just Hiring?'.

Judy discusses how the concept of hiring the 'right people' and searching for 'good talent' based on hindsight and previous leaders as the driving role model. 
She looks at some of the issues facing diversity and inclusion today, which will be part of the discussion on 12th October, focusing on the main concept driving diversity at the moment: Legal compliance.

See the full agenda at excellence-leadership.com