The Great Resignation: Fiorella Jaramillo - Part 2

Fiorella Jaramillo - Part 2

Within part 2 of this discussion around ‘The Great Resignation’, Fiorella Jaramillo (Manager of People Operations at Juno College of Technology) talks about what it would take for companies to not only retain talent but also attract and hire highly skilled individuals.

Fiorella introduces the concept of a ‘digital-first policy’ and explains the need for organisations to adopt such a policy. This consists of allowing employees to work from anywhere, whether that be in an office, at home or a combination of both. Companies that are able to embed this within their organisation will have higher chances of retaining employees.

Fiorella then discusses the need for organisations to implement and offer more benefits and a hybrid policy. For example, flexible hours/location, work-life balance, a high trust environment, learning and development, equal opportunities, team building events, recognition, mental support, and psychological safety. According to Fiorella, people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. It is vital that companies are training managers to ensure they provide a positive work culture across teams. Fiorella summarises the importance of managers in guiding and taking the correct steps in order to get to the next level in their careers.



Fiorella Jaramillo is the Manager of People Operations at Juno.

Prior to joining Juno, she worked at a few tech startups, where she started, developed and grew the HR function. Fiorella is passionate about cultures that put the employee first and increase engagement and employee satisfaction. She strives to make every company where she works a top employer and has gotten 3 companies recognized nationally for culture, growth and innovation. Fiorella loves writing policy, which she attributes to her Bachelors in Philosophy and her drive for the fair and equitable treatment of everyone.