"Future of Resourcing" Episode 1 : The Landscape of Resourcing in 2050" by Greg Allen

The Future of Resourcing Episode 1: The Resourcing Landscape of 2050

Greg Allen

Global Head of Resourcing Lloyds Register

This is the First Episode in the  "Future of Resourcing" TV series- #FOR recorded exclusively for HRTN.TV .

This episode features Greg Allen, the current Global Head of Resourcing at Lloyds Register, with his thoughts on what the 'Resourcing Landscape of 2050' might look like.  

In the interview, he discusses thoughts around the changing dynamic of geography, society and technology, and how this evolving landscape might impact resourcing into the future. Featuring an introduction and conclusion from Dee Dee Doke Editor of Recruiter Magazine.