Finding Your Formula for Digital and Data Transformation with Suzi Bentley Tanner

Your Formula for Digital and Data Transformation with Suzi Bentley Tanner

Have you ever thought about the rise in digital transformation and whether the language needs to change? Or even how to determine your starting point when it comes to transformation?

In this insightful session, Suzi Bentley-Tanner (Strategy Director at Engine Transformation), discusses these points in detail and how she identifies transformation as a “simple change going from point A to point B”.

Suzi looks at how organisations need to find their focus before embarking on their transformation journey. Engine has developed a ‘formula for transformation’ which consists of 6 key elements which aid firms in identifying where they are and what their starting place is. These elements touch brand, customer, strategy, data, culture and technology.

According to Engine's research, 52% of resources and investment still goes towards technology as a 'fix all' solution, but to transform successfully, each element has to be taken into consideration as they are all connected and only when you transform with a view across how all six elements fit together, will you be future fit. Elements such as strategy and brand are notoriously very low in terms of what the importance and focus should be in terms of transformation but how do we know how to transform if we don't have a strong north star guiding you?

“You can’t buy transformation by the yard” - every formula for every organisation is going to be completely different. 

To find out more you can read the report 'Finding your formula for transformation' by clicking here.


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