Sol Enenmoh (Part 3)

In the third part of this series, in partnership with Engine Group, with Sol Enenmoh (Head of Digital Transformation at Vanquis Bank), we look at the ways that sol believes the financial services sector can ensure there is more inclusivity when it comes to the customer experience.

According to Sol, from a customer input piece, customer listening and having a broad range of people on the customer side that you can engage with is incredibly powerful. It is vital to have a broad range of people on the output side of things.

All successful organisations now are data companies that sell a particular product or service. If you are able to get your culture right, you can start off at a really fast pace with relevant business agility to deliver. However, certain big corporations have abandoned initiatives, and the outputs from data metrics were shown to have detriments to certain groups. Sol then goes on to explain how having that broad range of people around is going to be increasingly important in years to come.


How do you get to that range of people from an inclusion perspective?

Sol emphasises that you need to look at how organisations hire people, how they socialise, engage and gain feedback, focusing on more inclusivity when it comes to the customer experience.


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