Sol Enenmoh (Part 2)

In the second part of this series, in partnership with Engine Group, with Sol Enenmoh (Head of Digital Transformation at Vanquis Bank), we look at how the shift in consumer behaviour has changed the acceleration in digital transformation and whether an investment is focused on the right areas of digital transformation.


Becoming Digital-Savvy...

Sol explains how the majority of people, have some sort of digital-savvy elements as in our day to day lives we have access to popular apps such as LinkedIn, Uber and many more that enable you to tap, share and interact in many ways. With these consumer behaviours, we are not just a customer but also a critique in giving back feedback. Sol emphasises that with many people having such access to a lot of the same tooling, it has levelled the playing field in many ways. It has tightened the expectations of what good looks like for businesses. The apparatus that organisations need to move faster is very different.

Sol emphasises that successful organisations now, in regards to sectors, are innovation factories. He believes that these organisations are making lots of small but sustained bets using the process of business agility, with fast agile ways of working. Whereas some large organisations still have technical debt that they are carrying on from last year to this year with multi-year initiatives, that just goes on and on. Many large organisations tend to plan for certainty, when actually we know that does not exist, as the pandemic has shown us.

Too many organisations believe that digital equals IT, which is not the case. Sol finalises that companies need to ensure they have that customer-facing lease which will help drive and inform what else they are going to be doing. That by changing up your people, processes and your mindset more, you can yield your true organisational benefit from doing these activities.


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