Finding Your Formula for Digital and Data Transformation - Sol Enenmoh (Part 1)

Sol Enenmoh (Part 1)

As we continue this fascinating series in partnership with Engine Group, around Finding your Formula for Digital and Data Transformation, we welcome Sol Enenmoh (Head of Digital Transformation at Vanquis Bank).

The conversation brings to life where Sol believes the majority of digital transformation fails. Sol believes that there is a lack of alignment across organisations where he goes on to explain that “If you’re all senior leaders in a business, your view and visions cascade down into your functional areas of accountability, so you often get tension or confusion in the middle area of the organisation”. For many organisations they are simply trying to do too much, which can be very confusing and simply not add sustainable value.

Sol then goes on to discuss where to start if you have a vision for transformation, in which he believes that “Many organisations work towards having a North Star”. For example, Uber’ North Star is the number of rides per week. And that for many organisations to be successful, the key in doing so, is creating that “North Star” and working on building some kind of coalition of the willing, such as leading change.

Sol states that in the past decade, there are 3 lenses as to why people have been receptive.

  1. People have battle scars from previous attempts to create success that has not worked out well.
  2. People who are unclear and simply need the education to coach and guide them with new ways of thinking.
  3. Power and control. For some people, they may be used to a particular role, so unpacking that can be slightly problematic.

“It's all about thinking about some small, quick wins”


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