Finding your formula for Digital and Data Transformation with Ricardo Miller (Part 2)

Finding your Formula for Digital and Data Transformation with Ricardo Miller (Part 2)

In the second part of this series, in partnership with Engine Group, with Ricardo Miller (Head of Change & Engagement, IT Transformation at Drax Group), we look at the aspects of transformation and which industry has been affected the most by the rise in digital transformation.

Ricardo explains how there has been a big shift, not just in HR, but a lot of central services from only having a choice of global system providers to niche service providers. An enabler to this big shift has come from technology advancements, which has enabled organisations to abstract key functionality from their core systems.

Ricardo emphasises that there is a challenge in the way we work, in which we are increasingly having to adopt a multifaceted approach to change. Technology is driving much more of a hybrid approach, therefore taking a more human centred approach to change and adoption will be seen to grow within a changing face of technology.


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