Finding your formula for Digital and Data Transformation with Ricardo Miller (Part 1)

Finding your Formula for Digital and Data Transformation with Ricardo Miller (Part 1)

As we continue this fascinating series, in partnership with Engine Group, around Finding your Formula for Digital and Data Transformation, we welcome Ricardo Miller (Head of Change & Engagement, IT Transformation at Drax Group).

The conversation brings to life where Ricardo believes the majority of digital transformations fail. “Digital Transformations don’t fail” is the response. Ricardo believes that either what you have implemented has taken too long, or the adoption you have implemented hasn’t been great. Ricardo focuses on the business change aspects of adoption that are the challenge, and in order to overcome this, firms need to invest more time and money to help drive initiative in the business.

Ricardo then goes on to discuss how you could start your transformation journey and emphasises the need to get an engaged business sponsorship, and how having that shared ownership/responsibility is critical when starting a programme of work and for the success of the business. No matter which approach you choose to take, taking a more fundamentally human-centred approach is vital in deciding where to go.


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