Finding your formula for digital and data transformation by James coughlan (part 2)

Finding your Formula for Digital and Data Transformation by James Coughlan (Part 2)

In the second part of this series, in partnership with Engine, with James Coughlan (Digital Transformation Director), we look at the aspects of transformation and which industry has been affected the most by the rise in digital transformation.

James believes that there is a significant weighting given to aspects of transformation which he believes is shown specifically through IT divisions. James delves into getting your IT teams to be skilled up to support the vision that you are putting into play and goes on to explain how they also need to be aligned to any commercial conversations being had between transformation leaders and other business leaders around what the reality is and what the foundations are for future growth.

“Technology isn’t the solution, it is the enabler to solutionise your businesses' future state, or desires”

The conversation then moves on to how the rise in digital transformation has affected the education industry most prominently and why.


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