Finding your formula for digital and data transformation by James Coughlan (part 1)

Finding your Formula for Digital and Data Transformation by James Coughlan (Part 1)

Do you have a vision for transformation, but are simply unsure of where to start? Within part 1 of this series with Engine, James Coughlan (Digital Transformation Director), talks about finding your formula for digital and data transformation.

For many people, the majority of transformations fail and cause huge issues for people on the ground, both internal and external. This can be due to a number of factors and James goes into detail about a few of those that he has experienced, for example, people or communications.

James then goes on to explain where the transformation journey should start and how important it is to ensure that the leaders and the business functions throughout your organization understand the why, how, and who in your organization.

When it comes to knowing where to start, there are 2 options that James explains:

1). Running parallel scenarios - ensuring internal and external customers are involved upfront.

2). Transformation state - You’re taking all of that knowledge and creating and reviewing a future team landscape.


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