Excellence in Leadership 2019

Excellence in Leadership 2019

In November 2019, we hosted our Excellence in Leadership Conference, focusing on the topic "Delivering Through Uncertainty".

Across the 2 days, we had some incredible insights from some fascinating speakers around the reasoning for agile in today's business environment, belonging and productivity, how your working environment affects your mental health, the effect of change fatigue on an organisation, and much more.

We had over 400 attendees who benefitted from some incredible insights into leadership excellence during times of immense uncertainty from our 55 speakers. The conference ended up being incredible for all of those involved, with much buzz surrounding the topics discussed and our speaking line up.

Some of the most discussed highlights were:

- The progressive 'No Stopping the Start-Up: Using Technology for Good' panel with Lindsey Noakes (Co-Founder at Gather Hub), Jamie Crummie (Co-Founder at Too Good To Go) and Seb Barker (Co-Founder & COO at BEAM).

- Kim Wylie (Global Director of People Development at Farfetch) returned to open day two of EiL 2019, with the topic 'Building a Digital Culture/Mindset', resulting in a full lecture theatre starting their day by flossing!

- A deep dive into the cost-benefit equation with Professor Peter Saville (Founder at 10x Psychology) which left our audience with some real food for thought, tackling equations that they weren't quite used to...

- The pertinent and timely talk from Sir Ed Davey (Lib Dem Deputy Leader) on the effect of uncertainty on businesses & politics alike, which left everyone chewing over the long-term impact of our current situation.

- The eye-opening all-female NED panel on the journey to the boardroom and the importance of diversity with Nadine Thomson, Jo Binding, Yetunde Hofmann Chartered FCIPD and Mira Magecha.

You can now relive EiL 2019 with our highlights video and if you weren't there you can see what happened.