'Excellence in Employee Engagement' winner by Claire Jordan

'Excellence in Employee Engagement' winner by Claire Jordan

In this exclusive video for the BTN, Claire Jordan discusses the project that led to the ABP Award for ‘Excellence in Employee Engagement’ winning.

Claire begins by discussing the project that led to winning the 'Excellence in Employee Engagement' award. The organisation was struggling with employee engagement, with engagement being stated as an issue during exit interviews. The project worked to improve internal communications and the employee experience as a whole. Claire investigated what was missing from the interaction between leaders and employees and developed the 'Great Conversations' framework to understand the issues and then put measures in place to counter them.


Claire Jordan is a People Development and Leadership enthusiast who works with senior stakeholders to identify and establish improved methods of working for performance and engagement.

Claire believes that the right environment and personable leadership interactions are the fundamentals to a positive and progressive workplace.  She uses people centred change management practices across all her work.

Claire has worked in Talent, Leadership and Organisation Development roles within engineering and manufacturing organisations.  She has also worked independently for over a decade creating interventions to enhance the employee experience. 

Claire values her experience most as her highest qualification. However, she also received the highest award in her Masters with City University in leadership and management.  

Claire was a finalist with the ABP in 2016 for a concept enabling leaders and teams to talk about the emotions associated with change.  The approach remains in practise in the organisation this was first introduced.