Establishing Business Agility by Julian Holmes

Establishing Business Agility by Julian Holmes

In this exclusive video, Julian Holmes (Principal at ThoughtWorks) discusses how to establish business agility in the lead up to his talk at IRM UK's Business Change and Transformation Conference Europe in London on the 18th-20th March. 

Julian looks at how establishing a common understanding when embarking on a change journey. He continues to look at the importance of culture whilst establishing business agility, highlighting the role played by the practices and processes that people do day-to-day.


At ThoughtWorks, Julian’s role as a Transformation Consultant is to work with clients to address software delivery challenges and improve the effectiveness of their organisation’s ability to deliver software solutions that meet current and changing business needs, typically using a combination of Agile and Lean practices. Julian is a regular conference speaker, who both prior and since joining ThoughtWorks has presented at a number of conferences each year for over 15 years, with a recent example available on YouTube. Follow Julian @JulianHolmes


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