ERUPT2021: The Culture of Technology: Bringing your people on the Hybrid Journey

ERUPT 2021 On-Demand - The Culture of Technology: Bringing your People on the Hybrid Journey

The Culture of Technology

The culture of technology was one of the key highlights of the ERUPT2021 conference. For this session we had the sensational Andrew Fox (Head of HR, UK & International at VTB Capital), Antony Thompson (Co-Founder & CEO at Loopin), and Tope Sadiku (Global Head of Digital Employee Experience at The Kraft Heinz Company) discuss ‘The Culture of Technology: Bringing your people on the Hybrid Journey’

Within this session, Andrew, Antony, and Tope discuss how they have seen minutes adjust to technology levels of engagement. It is important that organisations recognize that we do not deliver technology, it is an enabler to deliver a different objective.

The question was then raised on ‘what do organisations need to do to educate the senior leadership in the organisation’? Each identified that we have a large opportunity to use technology to drive tailored or curated content to individuals. It is important to understand how they operate in order to deliver the correct education on what is going to help them. Tope, mentions the importance of running small pilot studies.

The conversation then leads to the final question on ‘How do we foster inclusions and participation across remote/hybrid working and how do we make people feel that they are part of something?’ Andrew, Antony, and Tope agree that creating a two-tier workforce is important as organisations need to become more sophisticated in how they include everyone and ensure that the right process is put in place. Organisations need to understand people on a much more emotional intelligence level where technology sits at the foundation. Having that human-to-human interaction is vital and a key part of trust. According to Antony, having all 3; integrity, competence, and compassion is important in ensuring you have greater levels of trust. In business, leaders need to be more narrative to say ‘It’s ok to talk about mental health’, doing something about it and making that change is the new opportunity that organisations must harness.



On the 16th November 2021, The BTN hosted The #ERUPT2021 Conference which took place virtually! The conversation was around business transformation, with an emphasis on people, transformation and technology as we look at how to successfully (or sometimes unsuccessfully) deliver transformation. 

Given the nature of the year, we had over 1,000 global attendees who tuned in to listen to over 50 world-class speakers! Across the day, we had some incredible insights from speakers around a multitude of topics such as 'Supercharging your business growth with a flexible workforce', 'where to start on your people analytics journey', The DEI Bucket list' and more! 

We provided you with key speakers who are at the forefront of their businesses from Barclays, easyJet, Rolls-Royce,, Virgin Money and MORE! See examples down below: 

- Paulo Pisano (Chief People Officer at

- Donna Verdi (Global Director, Learning & Development at Barclays)

- Sally Simpson (Group Career and Skills lead at BT)

- Salma de Graaff (VP People at Skyscanner)

- Ella Bennett (Group People Officer at easyjet)

- Simon Cunniffe (HR Shared Services Director at easyjet)

- Syreeta Brown (Group Chief People and Communications Officer at Virgin Money)

- Rebecca Green (Global Employer Brand & Talent Attraction lead at Rolls-Royce)

- Tope Sadiku (Global Head of Digital Employee Experience at The Kraft Heinz Company)

- Anthony Thompson (CEO at Loopin)

- James Gale (CEO at Koda Cryptocurrency)

- John Collins & Adam Mullen (Director of Vinted)

- Yasar Ahmad (Global VP Talent at HelloFresh)


Don't miss any of the #ERUPT2021 amazing speakers. If you missed #ERUPT2021 entirely, or you just wanted to catch up on a few sessions then we are delighted to let you know that 5 key videos have been converted to podcasts and are now available to listen to!

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