ERUPT Copenhagen: Adapt and Thrive

ERUPT Copenhagen: Adapt & Thrive

On 23rd June, as part of our ERUPT event series, The BTN hosted a fascinating virtual panel session on adapting and thriving in the current climate.

ERUPT Copenhagen gathered HR and Technology professionals to engage, network and share thoughts around the topic of ‘Adapt and Thrive’.

Our panel (shown below) discusses a variety of questions presented by the host, whilst also taking on some questions that our attendees were posing on the virtual event platform.


The panel started by looking at what's the biggest thing they have learnt from this crisis and how they will take that forward into working in the future.

The concept of the event, adapt and thrive is integral to companies at the moment and for organisations to successfully do this they need to understand their current talent and working out the best way to return to business as usual whilst re-evaluate the way in which organisations manage talent for the future. From here the panel looked at the role of culture and the way in which organisations will facilitate the potential for a remote culture in the future, and how best they will manage the return to work process. In order for a company to adapt and thrive now and in the future, they have to understand the people and what they need first and progress from there, whilst providing leaders that are compassionate and empathetic to help on the human side of things, both personally and professionally.

The conversation resulted in the panel looking at diversity and inclusion and the measures organisations are putting in place to improve representation at a senior level and improve equality.

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This event was in partnership with Elements Talent ConsultancyPeopleDoc & Eva AI.


This video was a piece of featured content from Monday 6th July 2020.